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Public-Private Sector Bridging Role

The ACCA plays an important, vendor-neutral bridging role between the public and private sector.

We keep our finger on the data pulse of the Asia Pacific region, particularly when it comes to upcoming changes in regulations and public policy on data and cloud computing. As part of our work, we organise regular advocacy mission trips and door-knock visits to various cities all over Asia Pacific for our members to participate in.

  • As a vendor-neutral industry association, we provide a non-confrontational dialogue platform for both public and private sectors to come together and work out solutions as we all figure out the digital economy together.
  • As a not-for-profit industry association, we provide a voice for private sector companies, both big and small, to the public sector and policymakers.

Public Policy Alerts and the Asia Pacific Cloud and Data Policy Database

ACCA members also receive timely news alerts in their mailboxes as we receive news on draft regulations and upcoming changes in legislation. Where relevant, we organise member responses to these developments, and make submissions on these policy drafts and amendments.

ACCA members also have access to the complete database of all cloud and data public policy developments since 2013, as well as all ACCA responses where we have made submissions. [ACCA members may access the Asia Pacific Cloud and Data Policy Database here. If you are from a member company and would like to request access, please contact secretariat[at]]

Asia Engagement and Advocacy Mission Trips

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