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SMES AND CLOUD COMPUTING 2014 (launch: 25 mar 2015 in manila)

The great promise of Cloud Computing is the immediate access to enterprise grade software and next generation Information Technology solutions enables SMEs anywhere to expand their market reach, delivery and service, and customer interaction. The ACCA takes a Asia's first in-depth research into the SME sector, looking into 14 Asia Pacific markets, asking these questions: What are the demand drivers for SMEs? What are purchase characteristics of SMEs? What needs to be understood and addressed to capture areas of potential growth? The research is in three parts, broken in two documents: an Asian SME Index evaluating the attractiveness of cloud computing to Asian SMEs, an overall Executive Summary which reviews the SME sector in the region, and finally, country-by-country reports with key sizings of the SME market by industry, by lead adopters, and listing key support programmes and other enablers. Read more >>



Asia’s Financial Services: Ready for the Cloud – A Report on FSI Regulations impacting Cloud in Asia-Pacific Markets (launch: 5 mar 2015)

Many industries are ready to embrace cloud computing to reap the benefits of this new technology. However, perceived regulatory challenges often stymie adoption efforts, such as in the case of highly regulated sectors like the Financial Services Industry (FSI).  This report reviews the current regulatory landscape in Asia Pacific, and lists key regulatory challenges to the adoption of cloud services by FSIs. The report compares regulations in 14 Asia Pacific markets, in nine specific areas: 1. Processes for adopting cloud, 2. Contracts for cloud Services, 3. Data location, 4. Data use limitations, 5. Security, 6. Data segregation, 7. Business continuity, 8. Audit, review and monitoring, 9. Exit. It also makes recommendations to policymakers to improve the conditions for cloud computing adoption by FSIs. 

Read the Asia’s Financial Services: Ready for the Cloud – A Report on FSI Regulations impacting Cloud in Asia-Pacific Markets


ACCA Endorsement of the Open Data Alliance's Safe Cloud principles for the Financial Services Industry

Cloud Computing is poised to transform how information technology is used by the Financial Services Industry (FSI). However, this transformation can only come about if the FSI has confidence that the use of Cloud Computing will not interfere with legal obligations and sound business practice. This document has been created in partnership between Financial Institutions (FIs), Cloud Service Providers (CSP), Financial Regulators and industry bodies. It proposes Safe Cloud Principles in the form of a unified, condensed and clarified set of best practices to help FIs to focus on and navigate through the relevant regulatory issues when contemplating a move to the cloud. The Safe Cloud Principles cover key requirements such as confidentiality, availability and integrity and are derived from the very laws, regulations and guidelines with which FIs must comply. 



Cloud Data Regulations: A contribution on how to reduce the compliancy costs of cross-border data transfers

This is a report by the Asia Pacific Carriers’ Coalition (APCC) and the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), on Cloud Data Regulations. The report explores the complexities and compliance costs of cross-border data transfers, and promotes the benefits of aligning data categories regionally to promote trade.

Read the Cloud Data Regulations



CRI2014 cover


The ACCA's flagship research project, the Cloud Readiness Index (CRI) measures how ready for cloud uptake 14 Asia Pacific countries are. The countries covered are Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. This year's CRI gives key regulatory updates and government cloud usage and other cloud market movements in the last 18 mths, and companies looking at entering the Asia Pacific markets – or would be interested in hearing an APAC update – would find our Index a useful indicator for where to place their bets.

View the Cloud Readiness Index 2014

ICONS-Research-DataSovereigntyBookCover small

2013: The Impact of Data sovereignty On Cloud Computing in Asia Pacific

A study of all the data laws in Asia Pacific. This research was compiled across 14 Asia Pacific countries  using information on data sovereignty factors that helped or hindered the adoption of cloud computing. Each country was assessed on five key assessment criteria: (1) cloud access, (2) data safety, (3) international consistency, (4) cross border movement, and (5) regulatory stability and enforcement.

Read the ACCA's Data Sovereignty Report


CRI 2012


As cloud services have grown, issues such as reliability of access, security, government access, privacy and intellectual property protection have emerged as challenges to adoption. By mapping the conditions required for successful implementation, the index aim to identify potential bottlenecks that could slow adoption and limit the ability of Asian economies to take advantage of the cloud computing future.

Visit the 2012 Cloud Readiness Index


cloud assessment tool


The Cloud Assessment Tool is designed to highlight the relevant issues associated with migrating applications to a cloud architecture.

View the  ACCA's Cloud Assessment Tool 


index 2011 globe


The first index released to examine the state of readiness for cloud computing in markets across the Asia Pacific region, we are pleased to announce the ACCA's Cloud Readiness Index 2011.




The Cloud Map project is designed to bring you a few uncommon insights into various Cloud debates. A snapshot of the movers and shakers, and the key debates in 2011.

Read the ACCA's 2011 Cloud Map