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  • Big Data and Privacy
    Big Data and Privacy New view from the Boardroom published: Big Data and Privacy – the debate evolves! by Arun Sundar, Vice-President of Global Strategy and Alliances More...
  • Cloud Data Regulations 2014
    Cloud Data Regulations 2014 Jun 2014 – Read the ACCA’s new white paper on the increasing importance – and complexity – of compliance requirements, with suggestions on reducing compliance costs. More...
  • Cloud Readiness Index 2014
    Cloud Readiness Index 2014 7 Mar 2014 -- The results of the ACCA's Cloud Readiness Index 2014 werelaunched during the ACCA's Q1 meetings in Manila, Philippines.
  • Board Members 2015
    Board Members 2015 The board represents a cross section of the membership; providing governance, direction and leadership. More...
  • ACCA Statement:  Korea
    ACCA Statement:Koreaea June 2015 - The ACCA welcomes Korea’s recent revisions to regulations enabling Financial Institutions' adoption of Cloud Computing, and streamlining approval and data storage processes. Read our complete statement here.
  • Membership- Join the ACCA
    Membership- Join the ACCA 2015 - new SME category at only USD2000pa! Join other cloud computing stakeholders in the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) to educate and expand the cloud market and ecosystem in Asia Pacific! The ACCA is a leading industry association which represents the interests of the cloud computing community. Join us
  • SMEs n Cloud Computing 2015
    SMEs n Cloud Computing 2015 Mar 2015 - A 14-market study of SMEs in Asia Pacific and the market for Cloud Computing, and the first Asia Pacific SME Cloud Computing Attractiveness Index. [More]

Q3 Cloud Discussions in Kuala Lumpur This September

17 September 2015 - Digital Healthcare: Cloud and the Medical Industry in Malaysia

Where is Malaysia's healthcare industry in leveraging cloud technology for efficiencies? Are devices and institutions developing clouds and an interconnected network? What are the limitations to cloud adoption today, and what would spur health cloud adoption? Join us as we discuss these questions and more with the experts and leaders in the Malaysian healthcare industry.

Attendance is free, but as space is limited, please RSVP online at

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18 September 2015 - Cloud and the Financial Services in Malaysia

The Financial Services Industry is one of the most highly regulated industries, and many financial services institutions (FSIs) have found it challenging to make the move to the cloud. Moving workloads to the cloud would reap productivity dividends and cost savings, and as a result, many policymakers are working to rectify this policy gap to ensure companies have an easier time adopting new technologies like cloud computing. Join us as we learn about the progress on the industry's journey to the cloud. 

Attendance is free, but due to limited space, please register online

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The Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA)

globeThe Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) is a member-driven, Asia focused non-profit organization with a mission to accelerate adoption of cloud computing in Asia Pacific. Its' membership includes a diverse profile of influential cloud providers, cloud consumers and government cloud stakeholders, working together to provide thought leadership for cloud computing in Asia and to remove obstacles to adoption.

Do you have a vested interest in cloud computing in Asia Pacific? Are you encountering cloud adoption challenges? Is the growth of your cloud business hampered by a lack of trust and understanding in the cloud model? Perhaps you encounter concerns from colleagues and customers because of uncertainties around security, data protection, privacy, performance, governance, regulation, interoperability? If you are, you may want to consider joining us as a member. [more]

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  • 5 Dec 2014 in Sydney Australia - ACCA discussion on "Cloud Computing Development in Australia: Market Developments, and a special focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)" -- read and register here

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  • 한국클라우드산업협회, 아시아클라우드컴퓨팅협회와 양해각서 체결 / The Korea Association of Cloud Industry and the Asia Cloud Computing Association sign an MOU together [read more]
  • 【ACCA/ディメンションデータ】アジア地域におけるCloud Readiness(クラウド浸透度、クラウドへの取り組み)評価結果を公表、クラウドに関するリスク回避やベストプラクティスなどエバンジェリストを招き「ACCAクラウドフォーラム」を開催!/ ACCA hosts cloud forum and discusses risks and opportunities for cloud computing in Japan [read more]
  • New View from the BoardroomHybrid Cloud - Pitfalls and Mitigation, by Kelvin Lim from NetApp
  • Watch ACCA Executive Director Lim May-Ann discuss "Cloud Computing: Risks & Rewards" on Channel News Asia's "Between The Lines"


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