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  1. Signing up is simple! Download and complete the ACCA Membership Application Form, and submit it to secretariat[at]
  2. The ACCA Secretariat will send you an acknowledgement email upon receipt of your application, and we will start the application approval process internally. You will be informed of your application status within one month of receiving your application.
  3. Upon approval, the ACCA will send you a notification email, as well as an invoice for your membership fees. Your company’s membership will be activated upon receipt of your membership dues.
  4. If you need more information, or would like the ACCA to chat about how we can accelerate your company’s growth in Asia, contact us at secretariat[at] We’d be happy to chat with you.

Why join the ACCA?

We give our members a strong, collective voice to engage cloud stakeholders and decision makers on public policy and government regulatory issues, a vendor-neutral platform from which to explore, enter, and engage markets in Asia Pacific, and a community of cloud advocates who work together to promote the removal of barriers to cloud computing and other next-generation technology tools.

Leverage your membership with the ACCA to:

  • Build connections by speaking at various cloud conferences around the region
  • Meet government decision-makers and influencers in the region by participating in ACCA-organised quarterly mission trips
  • Utilise ACCA’s research and thought leadership pieces to engage in policy dialogue with stakeholders in Asia Pacific
  • Increase your brand visibility by using ACCA’s research reports at conferences

Membership Benefits

1. The ACCA gives its members a strong, collective voice to engage cloud stakeholders and decision makers on public policy and government regulatory issues.

1.1 Quarterly Advocacy and Engagement Mission Trips. With our members’ input, we organise and host regular mission trips to various markets around Asia Pacific, representing members on public policy issues involving cloud computing and data use. These are planned for a quarterly rhythm during our AGM at the end of the year, but in many cases, ad hoc trips are also scheduled where there is a need. [See our list of mission trips here – coming soon.]

1.2 Asia-Pacific Policy and Regulatory Alerts. We also provide timely policy alerts on regulatory changes and public consultations, and develop industry response letters where required, which provide valuable private-sector feedback into the public policy process. [Members may access the ACCA’s extensive Asia Pacific Cloud and Data Policy Database here. If you are from a member company and would like to request access, please contact secretariat[at]]

Screenshot of our Member’s Public Policy Database which tracks and details of cloud and data issues across Asia Pacific, as well as ACCA’s industry responses, since 2013

2. As a vendor-neutral organisation, we provide an impartial platform by which companies may explore, enter, and (more deeply) engage markets in Asia Pacific.

Testimonial from Mr. Matt Williams, Head of EMEA at Telstra, in Asia Outlook Magazine, 6 Dec 2019 [pdf] — “An important component of ICT that is often ignored is the understanding of local markets at a granular level. Many businesses consider Asia as a single market entity, but the reality is that there are many different markets with vastly different ways of doing business. To excel in these markets, businesses need to have technical expertise within each region.

One important feature to consider is choosing an IT partner that is a member of the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), an organisation focused on creating awareness and understanding of the cloud market and associated capabilities in countries across Asia. This membership is ideal because ACCA also engages with governments and regulatory bodies across the region to share insights and encourage greater consistency and transparency on policies and capabilities in each country.”

ACCA business and international digital trade roundtable in Tokyo Japan discussing how to accelerate data flow and enable trade in the digital economy, 22 Jun 2017

3. As an industry group of cloud and technology experts, the ACCA gathers a community of cloud advocates who work together to promote the removal of barriers to cloud computing and other next-generation technology tools.

  • Members can propose Research focus areas for the ACCA to advocate on, or fund research papers which advance a specific cloud computing or data issue. See the list of all the ACCA’s Research and Thought Leadership papers.
  • Members may also propose starting a Working Group to develop a specific work product such as a white paper or report, or engage long-term in a broader issue in a Special Interest Group (SIG). See below for a list of the ACCA’s WGs and SIGs and leadership through the years.

Member Companies



WGs and SIGs

ACCA Working Groups and Special Interest Groups
2011-2012 / Retired; project completeCloud Assessment Tool/ Carrier Grade Cloud Security Working GroupJerry WerteleckyCloud Assessment Tool (CAT) 20122011
2014-2015 / Retired; project completeSmall and Medium Enterprises (SME) Working GroupJohn Galligan, Microsoft2015
2012-2013 / Retired; project completeCloud Security Working GroupAaron Sharp, VerizonThe Impact of Data Sovereignty on Cloud Computing 20132012
2011-2014 / Retired; mandate incorporated into ACCA's missionPublic Policy Working GroupBernie Trudel, Cisco2011
2018-2019 / Retired; project completeCloud Procurement Working GroupJarom Britton, MicrosoftFrom Vision to Procurement: Principles for Adopting Cloud Computing in the Public Sector 20192018
2015-2020Financial Services Institutions (FSI) Special Interest GroupSassoon Grigorian, Salesforce (2017-2020), Andrew Cooke, Microsoft (2015-2017)2016
2016-2019 / Retired; project completeData Analytics Special Interest Group, aka Asia Analytics AllianceArun Sundar, TrustSphereData Analytics to Bridge Knowledge Gaps 2016 - An ACCA White Paper on Supply and Demand for Big Data Analytics in Asia Pacific2016
2020-2021Financial Services Report 2021 Working GroupChan Yam Ki, Google Cloud (2020-2021Financial Services Report 2021 (pending release in Jan 2021)2021