Vision to Procurement: Principles for Adopting Cloud Computing in the Public Sector

The ACCA is delighted to present this white paper to help demystify cloud solutions and provide necessary guidance to procurement policymakers and public-sector agencies that are evaluating cloud services.

This paper introduces a set of seven principles that the ACCA has developed based on conversations it and its members have had with government procurement officers, policymakers, and auditors over the years as well as its experience reviewing and contributing to policies throughout the region. These principles are intended to help policymakers and procuring agencies work in a systematic way through the necessary considerations and have appropriate discussions with potential cloud service providers when:

  • developing procurement rules and policies; and
  • evaluating the suitability of cloud solutions and cloud service providers for public sector workloads.

[download the report]

[download the press release]

Each principle is accompanied by one or more specific, concrete recommendations for policymakers and procuring agencies to follow. By incorporating these recommendations into procurement rules, policymakers can provide necessary clarity to procurement officers about the relevant criteria for assessing potential solutions.

In the past, lack of clarity has sometimes hampered implementation of announced cloud-first strategies. Procuring agencies and officers can use the recommendations directed at them to help purchase and deploy cloud services in a more streamlined, efficient way, which will help them to achieve their desired outcomes more fully, quickly, and with less effort.

The Cloud Readiness Index 2018

The Cloud Readiness Index 2018

In its fifth iteration, the 2018 edition of the ACCA’s flagship Cloud Readiness Index (CRI) report finds that Asia-Pacific has strengthened its cloud capabilities, but emerging markets continue to play catch-up.

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