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ACCA's growing and diverse membership

As well as underscoring the broad range of businesses supporting cloud services, they are part of a steady growth in association members We now have more than 30 members, all focused on driving cloud adoption and making cloud a success in Asia.

The challenges of driving cloud adoption in Asia are the same for all players, regardless of whether you are a telco, an SME a data centre and etc.

Membership of the ACCA offers a number of compelling and unique benefits.

First, as it is the membership that sets the direction of the association, each member has the opportunity to influence association initiatives and set new directions, such as our current focus to facilitate and to drive SME adoption of the cloud.

There is also the direct value that ACCA produces for members in the form of unique research reports. Our coming Data Sovereignty report, for example, will be available to members only.  This research clarifies important questions around the treatment of data required by Asia's many regulators - thereby aiding our members to advise their prospects and customers.

Members also enjoy early access to industry ideas and trends, and gain long-term value through increased knowledge and awareness.

Last but not least, ACCA membership also means the chance to work and interact with other thought leaders in the Asian cloud industry, not just within ACCA, but industry, opinion and government leaders across the region.

ACCA is playing a valuable role in driving forward the growth of cloud adoption in Asia. We welcome new members who wish to play an active role in realising the huge promise of the cloud for Asia businesses, governments and consumers.

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