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BSA Scorecard echoes findings of ACCA’s Cloud Readiness Index

Business Software Alliance (BSA), the global industry association, has just issued its annual Global Cloud Computing Scorecard. Although it applies a different methodology and covers fewer countries in Asia, its findings align well with ACCA’s 2012 Cloud Readiness Index (CRI).

Of the ten Asian countries BSA covers, it ranks Japan first, as did the CRI. Apart from reversing the positions of Australia and Korea, it also put the other countries in the same order (see chart below). 

There is some commonality between the reports, such as in data privacy and intellectual property rights. Indeed, the CRI used the BSA 2012 numbers as one of its inputs in measuring data privacy.

But, to reflect the concerns of cloud users and service providers in Asia, the CRI measures issues such as freedom of access to information and power grid and green policies, whereas the BSA Scorecard puts more emphasis on industry standards and free trade promotion.

BSA ranked Australia high because of its scores in IP protection, international harmonisation and support for free trade. Korea was marked back slightly because of its policies that mandate technologies and draft legislation that is vague and poorly-defined.

That said, the level of correlation validates the findings and the direction of both reports.

The cross-border nature of cloud services means that it is essential to measure progress on a regional or global level. As the BSA also notes in its report, the global nature of cloud services means that “each country’s policy changes will alter not just that country’s environment but the global market for cloud computing as a whole.”

With the CRI, ACCA identifies potential bottlenecks that could slow adoption and limit the ability of Asian economies to take advantage of the cloud computing future. The Index helps identify critical gaps to be addressed in the form of policy, legal and commercial cloud drivers.

CRI 2012 CRI Ranking BSA 2013 BSA Ranking
Japan (1) Japan (1)
Korea (2) Australia (2)
Singapore (4) Singapore (5)
Australia (7) Korea (8)
Malaysia (8) Malaysia (13)
India (9) India (17)
China (10) China (19)
Indonesia (11) Indonesia (21)
Thailand (13) Thailand (23)
Vietnam (14) Vietnam (24)

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