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Helping the Health Care Industry Adopt Cloud Solutions

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Information technology has been core to a transformation of the healthcare industry. We have witnessed transformations across the healthcare sector from electronic health records, patient care management and the delivery of patient services - to personal wellness monitoring and the use of social social media - all illustrative of the impact ICT is having on the healthcare industry. ICT is contributing to better patient outcomes, better case management, improved understanding of the efficacy of treatments, better data for public health, new tools for healthier lifestyles and much more. With the advancements in mobility, data analytics and the use of "big data" (and even "little data"), the rate of innovation is accelerating. Cloud computing can help a widely dispersed industry improve collaboration and services while meeting the need for greater scalability, cost efficiency and agility in what has rapidly become a highly data-intensive sector.

But the use of cloud computing has raised concerns with regard to legal compliance and preserving the privacy of patients. Privacy, security, reliability, audit, limits on data use and data segregation are among the issues that surface when discussing cloud services for healthcare.

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ACCA Report on Cloud Services for the Health Care Industry

The Asia Cloud Computing Association has spent over a year working with the financial services sector to author a report on cloud computing for the sector which enables service providers and FSIs to evaluate the match between cloud services and the needs of the highly regulated financial service sector. Over the past several months, we have turned to considering the needs of the healthcare industry.

To better understand these needs, and the opportunities for the adoption of cloud computing, the ACCA is bringing together in roundtable discussions experts from healthcare and cloud services to discuss the issues facing the Healthcare Industry that are perceived to be barriers to the adoption of cloud computing.

Safe Cloud Computing Principles for the Health Care Industry

Based on ACCA-endorsed Safe Cloud Computing Principles for the Financial Services Industry, based on what we learn from our research, including the roundtables, ACCA will develop similar principles for the health care sector. These Principles will help service providers and those in the healthcare industry gain a common understanding of issues key to successful cloud adoption, and serve as guidelines to address those issues.

Roundtable Meetings: ACCA Wants to Hear from You

ACCA is holding a series of roundtable discussions in markets across Southeast Asia. These invitation-only discussions will be conducted under Chatham House Rules to encourage an open discussion of the needs of the healthcare industry and how cloud service providers can meet those needs. We would like to explore emerging best practices and get your comments on the barriers and opportunities for the adoption of cloud computing in the Health Care sector.

ACCA's Healthcare and Cloud Computing Roundtable Series

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 17 Sept 2015

The ACCA held a closed-door roundtable with key healthcare professionals in Kuala Lumpur on 17 Sept. Over 20 representatives attended to discuss the topic, "Digital Healthcare: Cloud and the Medical Industry in Malaysia". At this session, the ACCA shared the interim report with participants, and invited observations on cloud use – and its restrictions and blockers to use – by the Malaysian healthcare industry. [Chairman's Statement]

  • Singapore - 26 Nov 2015

Over 30 industry professionals convened in Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy to discuss how ICTs such as Cloud Computing impact healthcare. [Chairman's Statement]

  • Bangkok, Thailand - 11 Mar 2016

The next roundtable discussion will be in Bangkok, Thailand, on 11 Mar 2016, discussing "Cloud Computing Technology for Better Patient Outcomes - A roundtable discussion with the Thai Healthcare Industry". Attendance is free but please register online at  [Download Programme and Invitation]

  • Tokyo, Japan - TBA
  • Seoul, South Korea - TBA
  • Wellington, New Zealand - 20 May 2016
  • Jakarta, Indonesia - TBA
  • Manila, Philippines - TBA


If you are interested in attending or interested in partnering with us in this research effort, please contact Mr Stacy Baird, Chairman, Data Governance Working Group, ACCA, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.