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2011 Cloud Map

thecloudmap logoThe Cloud is emerging at an incredible pace and keeping current on the key developments, influencers, trends and evolution is a must.

The Cloud Map project is designed to bring you a few uncommon insights into various Cloud debates. Insights into government regulatory initiatives and how they're being influenced, security and privacy concerns and cloud delivery models to name a few. We will be tapping into the pulse of the debate across the Internet, the Twittersphere and the Blogosphere. We will follow how the topic or issue is being discussed, who it involves, what is being said and who the main actors in the story are.


The Government Regulation Cloud Map

We put The Cloud Map to work on government regulation in the Cloud space. Many of the existing policy regimes across Asia governing matters such as privacy, data protection, cyber security and intellectual property rights, are or will be up for consideration in the near future by policy-makers, so vendor participation in the discussion is critical. Browse the map below and click on the pins to explore a selection of the online conversation patterns we unearthed. We have gathered a wealth of detail on various Cloud issues so if you would like to discuss the issue further, or have an issue you would like us to track for you, do get in touch. The Cloud Map Software is provided by The Stakeholder Company



Cloud Map Highlights

Some voices are calling for global security and privacy standards for cloud computing

Insurance: Sectors such as insurance are actively looking to the cloud but concerns over the privacy and security of sensitive customer data have made insurers cautious about adoption.

Global Data Breach Regulation is a "When", not an "If"

The Software and Information Industry Association intensifies efforts to avoid cloud-specific legislation

China: In China the lack of a Telecommunications Act, and a new regulatory framework from the State Council governing converged srevices are the biggest challenges

Apple is influential in bringing consumer acceptance of the cloud

The global nature of the cloud is appearing on the US regulator's radar, and Asia is taking active note.

In Australia, Peter Kell, Dep Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on the importance for regulators to facilitate appropriate market conduct to ensure that these benefits are achieved

The Economist continues to make an impact - see 2008, but still influential piee on Computers without borders

The Web Debate

At first glance we were struck by the density of the Government Cloud Regulation map but perhaps no surprise given the current IDC estimate of the market in Asia growing by 40% year on year, with Japan alone reaching US$29bln in 2015.

CloudMap-WebDebateThe relative density of nodes on this map indicates that the debate 'temperature' is hot. There is a high level of debate activity and even though the search parameters focused on Asia the debate is being driven from global sources as well as national and regional sources. The range of phrases (grey squares), their specialist nature and their size indicate that Cloud regulation is a complex issue. There are a range of sites of varying influence (green circles of differing sizes) and a good level of involvement from organizations (pink pentagons) and people (yellow squares). So what findings can we extract from these digital 'tea leaves'?

Governments in waiting / review mode

Government Websites remain scarce and small indicating they aren't vocal in the debate – perhaps normal if they are in the process of formulating Cloud strategies.

Vendor influence underwhelming

Corporate websites do not feature highly within overall influence with the exception of This suggests that, apart from statements made by the CEO and the public relations team, vendors may lack compelling thought leadership content to encourage stakeholders to visit their sites to gain influence in the debate.

Industry portals and the Tech press leading

Industry portals are driving influence by various tactics including circle linking strategies. Note the clusters of Web sites on the left of the map (the UBM TechWeb properties such as InformationWeek), the top left (The ISMG group with their various security information portals) and the bottom mid-right cluster of sites (the Questex Asia publisher of Telecom titles and others such as CFO Innovation). Zdnet may have a smaller clustering but remains very influential in the debate. Mainstream portals such as the FT and The Economist also make an appearance (right side) though exert relatively less influence than the tech properties.

Key Terms and Phrases

keywordsNo common Cloud dialect for the moment.

Key words and terminology remains relatively fragmented. Apart from the central nodes of 'Cloud service', 'computing' and 'Cloud computing' the debate is spread across notions of 'environments', 'infrastructure', 'utility', 'platforms' and 'solutions' to name just a few.

Opportunity for the industry to establish a common dialect?

There also appears to be no content the most central to the Cloud regulation debate, the discussion rather being dispersed over many thought pieces and Web properties.


cloud people tagKey People

Many and senior.

There are a significant number of individuals (yellow squares) involved, and these individuals include senior executives of vendor companies (ex. Brad Smith of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple and Jeff Campbell of Cisco) and leaders in their fields (Vint Cerf of Google). So the Cloud regulation debate is placed firmly in the boardroom.

Government individuals less prevalent.

Government individuals lack relative prominence in the debate. Those that appear include U.S. Federal CIO Vivek Kundra and in Asia Jeremy Godfrey and Stephen Mak (ex and current Government Chief Information Officer of Hong Kong) making waves with the concept of an internal Cloud app delivery focus or Hsang Chen Lee, director of Taiwan's National Police Agency from an online security focus.