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2012 Cloud Assessment Tool

ICONS-Research-CATThe Cloud Assessment Tool (CAT) was developed by the Asia Cloud Computing Association to enable prospective users of cloud computing to objectively access the operational, performance and other critical capabilities offered by different cloud providers. In doing so, users will be better positioned to select the right cloud solution for the given requirement.

The cloud computing parameters that determine critical operational criteria like performance and access are not obvious. We found that even when these parameters are reasonably well understood, there is no objective or standardize way of determining or measuring the criteria. Our framework addresses this important issue thereby helping to avoid misinterpretation or misunderstandings between the users and providers of services.

Specifically, CAT enables requirements and service offers to be mapped in a standardized objective way. The framework consists of a matrix of parameters classified into different levels including: eight key operational criteria; parameters for the individual criterion; four performance levels; and eight matrices that map operational parameter values to the operational criteria.

You may want to [download the ACCA's CAT White Paper] which describes in further detail our cloud assessment tool. Let us know what you think at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Press Release

ACCA launches vendor-neutral Cloud Assessment Tool

Powerful online tool to help enterprises choose the most suitable cloud service provider

20 Jun 2012, HONG KONG - The Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) today launched the online version of its  Cloud Assessment Tool, a powerful new tool designed to help businesses choose the most suitable cloud provider.

The Cloud Assessment Tool (CAT) provides a standard framework that allows IT users to measure their requirements against vendor offerings.

The vendor-neutral framework will help enterprises make informed decisions as they consider migrating their data and applications to the cloud.

ACCA is currently benchmarking services and platforms provided by its members, including PLDT/Smart, Microsoft, Verizon Terremark, Telenor, Equinix and Hiring Solutions.

Martin Backstrom, Chief Technology Advisor, PLDT Group, said the Philippines telco had benchmarked its cloud services with the tool.
"We find it very useful in conversations with potential cloud customers," he said. "It clarifies our capabilities in an objective way and helps customers understand what to consider when migrating to the cloud. It creates a trustmark for cloud computing services."

ACCA is also working with partners in the financial services and insurance industries.

Bruce McKernan, CIO of Sun Life Asia, said: "I see that the Cloud Assessment Tool could significantly reduce the time and effort (and thus money) required when moving to the cloud. It provides a standard and vendor-neutral framework for evaluating cloud services, which is something that is missing today."

ACCA CEO Per Dahlberg said the organisation was developing end-user guidelines and use cases to help create clarity around the assessed platforms.

"This will also provide users with information on how the tool applies in some industries and to different services and platforms."

The CAT framework is organized into eight performance categories spread over four service tiers, mapping operational parameter values against key criteria.

"This helps end-users to define and prioritize their own requirements and assess service providers' offers quickly and objectively," Dahlberg said.

It would also eliminate subjectivity and interpretation from the evaluation process for both service providers and application developers, he added.

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