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ACCA at HK LegCo's Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting hearing

On 3 May 2014, the Hong Kong Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting of the LegCo held a public meeting to discuss the establishment of a proposed Innovation and Technology Bureau. The meeeting was attended by the ACCA's Data Governance Working Group Chair, Mr. Stacy Baird.

Full statement from Stacy below:

Chairman and Members, my name is Stacy Baird. I am an attorney and advise companies in the information technology, energy and entertainment industries. Among my responsibilities, I am the Chair of the Data Governance Committee of the Asia Cloud Computing Association, although I appear today on my own behalf.

In my many capacities, I spend significant time encouraging government policy that takes advantage of innovation and technology for economic growth, the deployment of education and the betterment of the social condition.
I can imagine few actions by Hong Kong government that would exceed the potential benefit that can be derived from the establishment of an Innovation and Technology Bureau.

Establishment of ITB has the potential of providing government leadership guiding sustainable development of an innovation ecosystem and ICT industries in Hong Kong that will benefit the community as a whole.

Through the ITB, the Hong Kong Government can develop a more systematic and purposeful approach to building ICT as it contributes to the economy in Hong Kong – from education to R&D, commercialization and to a healthy innovation marketplace - advancing ICT in the Hong Kong economic and industrial outlook.

This bureau can play a key role in coordinating a holistic approach that could underlie a strong and growing innovation economy.

Thank you.