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ACCA Meetings


The ACCA held an Industry and Eminent Persons Discussion when we were recently in Bangalore for our 2015 Q1 Board and Members’ Meeting. We hosted over 40 cloud and technology experts at our forum, where we discussed the state of cloud and technology in India. The objective of the session was to take an “on-the-ground” assessment of the state of cloud adoption and development in India, exploring the risks, challenges and opportunities in the cloud market, and providing a platform to uncover some market insights, predictions and recommendations for the cloud community and other stakeholders in both the private and public sectors.

To set the context of the discussion, a number of questions were posed to the participants: 
• What are the experiences and observations you have on the demand and supply side of the Indian marketplace?
• Are we seeing a wide spectrum of applications at one end, or are they evenly distribute?
• On the supply side, is the situation one where “traditional” data centres are built in-country, or is it all “on the cloud”?
• What is the shape of the ecosystem – are we seeing situation of “building the base, renting the peak?”
• Are new technology and app firms from current companies providing a driver to the cloud?
• What would be an ideal situation for India’s cloud and technology landscape?

A number of observations and recommendations were made by participants in the session. [read more]

Download Anil Bidari's presentation on the Build/Source/Choose approach to Cloud. 

Download Sharad Kumar's presentation on Tech Mahindra as a Cloud Connector. 

2015-03-05-ACCA.Q12015 GroupPhoto

ACCA Members and Guests (now friends!) at our 2015 Q1 Meeting in Bangalore, India on 5 Mar