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The ACCA organised a roundtable discussion in Hong Kong in partnership with Equinix, to host discussion and meetings on Smart Cities, IoT and the logistics sector especially in the context of cloud applications. The event was held from 8.30am – 2pm at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. The theme of the roundtable was: Will IoT Platforms Revolutionize Smart Cities and Smart Logistics?


accascsliot1Mr Alex Tam, Managing Director of Equinix Hong Kong, kicked off the session by highlighting cloud developments in Hong Kong and across the Asia.  He also outlined future trends that will impact cloud, such as privacy and cybersecurity.  




Mr Charles Mok, Legislative Council Member representing the IT functional constituency, who gave the keynote address, provided more details on Smart Cities in the context of Hong Kong. He acknowledged that data security has been the greatest inhibitor in cloud adoption, a more coherent legislation can promote it. He emphasised that having the right mindset is key for smart city and smart governance.




Two keynote address was followed by two panel discussions. The first panel was on smart city plans chaired by the ACCA Chairman, Mr Bernie Trudel. Mr Alasdair Grant, Head of Asia, GSMA, provided examples of smart city development in the transportation sector with particular reference to Taiwan and Singapore. Ms Gracie Ng, Manager at ICT Cluster at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKTSP), provided examples of start-ups in HKSTP that contributed to smart city surveillance. Mr Stephen Lau, General (Hon), HK Computer Society, and Senior Adviser, PwC Consulting, concluded the session by discussing the possibility of adopting privacy by design to spur adoption in cloud while addressing concerns of data privacy. 




The second session focused on IoT and cloud adoption in the logistics sector. It was chaired by Mr Eric Hui, ACCA Treasurer. Dr Frank Tong, Director of Research and Technology Development, Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies (LSCM) and Prof Cheng Chun Hung, Associate Professor, Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong discussed IoT adoption through cart-tracking and robotic automation in warehouses and image object detection at the airport. Mr Andy Bien, CIO of Airport Authority Hong Kong, gave examples of IoT adoption in the airport such as trolley availability tracking and beacons used to capture data on passenger flow. Similar to the concerns raised in the earlier session, the smart logistics panel ended with a word of caution, this time from Mr Marin Ivezic, Chairman, Cyber-Physical Systems Security Institute & Partner, PwC, who said that cybersecurity will be the greatest barrier in cloud adoption for both the smart city and smart logistics initiatives.



Both panels had lively Q&A sessions with participants who were curious to know more about the opportunities and barriers in cloud adoption in the context of smart cities and smart logistics in Hong Kong and broader region.


A big thank you to everyone who came for the roundtable! The programme can be found here

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