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 Verizon believes that there will be a continued and fundamental shift in how organisations approach the business of doing business in the coming years. The company's vision is one in which business applications and technologies are delivered 'As a Service'. This 'As a Service' world is one in which cloud-based, converged solutions are delivered with built-in security via managed and professional services over global IP networks.

This new computing model has the potential to transform enterprise operations; flexible access to large amounts of scalable computing power gives enterprises the freedom to access resources on demand to support natural business cycles. This marks a fundamental change in mindset, but is one that business leaders need to adopt if they are to drive business success.

Verizon has invested in the region of $17 billion this year building, operating and integrating its advanced, reliable and high-performance networking and computing platforms. Part of this investment is to enhance its data centres around the world to meet the increasing demand for the company's full range of cloud services. These moves bring Verizon another step closer to achieving its "Everything-as-a-service" vision.

This investment is designed to support what is essentially a fresh approach to the business of business. Organisations are looking to develop new, fluid business models that will help us make the most of opportunities as they arise, and drive business success. Yet they are also looking to make the most of investments – in today's world, prudential business governance is the norm, and money must be invested wisely, with clearly definable returns. Technology is playing a vital role in enabling new business constructs. Building global, IP-enabled ecosystems which enhance collaboration between employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders can streamline business processes, enhance decision making, improve productivity and enhance customer service.

Verizon views the healthy and sustainable development of a cloud industry in Asia-Pac as vital for the region's economic success. Together with the Asia Cloud Computing Association, Verizon looks forward to working with all stakeholders in increasing the level of understanding and breaking down the barriers that hinder the adoption of cloud computing.

Essentially, business leaders today need to be open to innovation, and work their technology infrastructure hard to drive business forwards. They are looking afresh at their business IT environment and questioning the status quo. They are questioning the fabric of their organisation, and reconstructing it to accommodate social, economic and political change. Technology will play a vital role in building the agile, flexible, and adaptable business infrastructure of the future. Those organisations that invest in innovation today will be best placed to make the most of all potential future opportunities – and grow!