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Cisco Systems (USA) Pte Ltd

At Cisco, we are helping to shape and drive the revolution that is Cloud Computing. We believe the future of computing must encopass diverse technologies and business models, with contributions from a rich ecosystem of players. Our network platform enables the rapid, safe and flexible implementation of Cloud capabilities. Cisco's technologies provide choice among types of service and a pragmatic transition from traditional IT to the appropriate cloud deployment model.

As they push to become a fully fledged ICT company, Cloud Computing is an area of high priority for Cisco. Seeing the market as at an inflection point for the way IT services are delivered, Cisco wants to be part of that market transition as they have been numerous times in the past.
Accounting for less than 1% of their current business, Cloud based solutions will certainly grow significantly, easily to the 10% mark and more likely to around 25%. At present over half of Cisco's business units have a cloud initiative around them and, although obviously playing a larger or smaller role depending on the unit, Cisco expects every business unit will eventually have some kind of Cloud focus for route to market solutions.

Cisco decided to join the Asia Cloud because Asia is an increasingly important location from an IT services perspective, and the Asia Cloud has the goal of promoting cloud computing through the Asian market. Having invested more and more into Asia in the last five years – something they plan to continue - Cisco deemed it important to be at the ground level and help influence and be a part of a group of vendors and cloud providers that are helping shape this nascent market.

The benefit of being a member are twofold – firstly, it will help establish Cisco's presence in Cloud Computing, so from a marketing and brand perspective it is valuable; secondly, as an association of a range of companies, the Asia Cloud will help promote the cloud computing market. In essence, Cisco believes the Asia Cloud will help cloud computing to realise its full potential, directly benefiting Cisco.

By helping to promote cloud computing in the Asian marketplace, the Asia Cloud's influence as an industry association will grow and it will have an important impact on IT services in general, helping to grow the Cloud Computing area.